Lexington Sleep Clinic

21st Century Sophistication in a comfortable private practice setting.  Get help with your sleep from a seasoned highly experienced professional.

Lexington sleep clinic is part of SleepWell, a private practice founded by Dr. Gila Lindsley in 1992.  The sleep clinic has as its goal to help its patients sleep well —  and to have alert wakefulness. The companion part of SleepWell, Lexington Psychologist, is focused on psychotherapy.

SleepWell accepts most health insurance including Medicare, Mass Health (MA Medicaid) and TriCare.

We serve those with sleeping difficulties or difficulty with daytime wakefulness, in the Greater Boston Area:  Western Suburbs, Cambridge, Somerville and Boston MA.

Age 12 to elder seniors.

Accepted forms of co-pay or other payment: check and cash.

Phone: +1- 781-862-7331